An Awakening​/​Great Beyond [virtual 45]

by A Montreal Paul and the Socialistic Scientist Conspiracy



Songs of hope and resilience for interesting times


released November 27, 2015

Songs written, arranged and produced by A Montreal Paul (Paul Beaulieu)



all rights reserved


A Montreal Paul and the Socialistic Scientist Conspiracy Montréal, Québec

A Montreal Paul, who has been described as a “dreamy outsider artist”, is indeed from Montreal but began writing songs in New York City in 2000, before he could even play an instrument. Later on, in Montreal, he started playing guitar. In 2011 he recorded his debut album, Awaiting an Awakening, with Shane Watt. He began performing with a full band in the fall of 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Awaiting an Awakening [2015 version]
Awaiting an awakening,
I've been half asleep too long
Awaiting an awakening,
And the other half ain't strong
Awaiting an awakening,
It's a gray and sleepy day
Awaiting an awakening,
Let the fog be blown away

Awaiting an awakening,
I can't think of much to say
Awaiting an awakening,
Never say much anyway
Awaiting an awakening,
Never seem to be prepared
Awaiting an awakening,
Wake me up when we get there
Awaiting an awakening,
Sometimes my conscience screams
Awaiting an awakening,
They've been selling us our dreams
Awaiting an awakening,
Well they have their word to say
Awaiting an awakening,
That don't mean we should obey

Awaiting an awakening,
Is it just another dream?
Awaiting an awakening,
Can things be as they seem?
Awaiting an awakening,
Could there be some kind of sign?
Awaiting an awakening,
Are we running out of time?
Track Name: The Great Beyond
My thoughts are blowing wildly and my heart is fond
We said that we would meet again before too long
I found that you were gone when that tomorrow dawned
Out into the great beyond

Some kind of adventure 'round so many bends
That go on forever 'til forever ends
One by one the ending comes along to take my friends
Out into the great beyond

Out into the great beyond
Beyond what we all know and see
Wrapped in a mystery
An escape from this adversity
They tell me

You confidently stride but then can't help but trip
Something tantalizing lies within your grip
Grasp and you will find that it will surely slip
Out into the great beyond

Telling indications, tell me have you heard
The rumours that are swirling, those intriguing words
Intoxicating notions, people being lured
Out into the great beyond

Out into the great beyond
What it is may be revealed
To those whose fate is safely sealed
Is that part of the deal? Is it real?
They ask me

The sun is coming up upon another day
Who knows how much longer I'll be here to stay
There will come a day when I'll be on my way
Out into the great beyond